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Digital Media Management & Mass Notification To Any Device

Corporate Communications Control Center (C4)

X-Factor Communication's robust Corporate Communications Control Center (C4) solution allows organizations to drive performance, productivity and compliance by creating and delivering actionable real-time emergency alerts, mass notifications, emergency messages and rich informational content to any connected device. This includes digital signage, kiosks, desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

DSCP - Digital Screen Control Portal

X-Factor's easy-to-use flagship application, Digital Screen Control Portal (DSCP://), is a unified ,HTML5 enabled content creation and distribution platform supporting corporate communications, emergency notifications advertising and marketing applications. DSCP supports digital signage, touch enabled kiosk applications, desktop players and screen savers, tablets and mobile devices. Actionable notification links enable emergency notifications, alerts, real time collaboration applications, marketing and advertising campaigns and more.

Samsung Smart Digital Signage

Partnering with Samsung, X-Factor has developed a powerful package to deploy and manage digital signage easily and affordably. Using the combination of X-Factor's dynamic HTML5 powered content creation, management and distribution platform and the Samsung SMART Signage Platform, an integrated, open display platform that eliminates the need for external media players. Digital signage network deployment and management has never been easier.